About this site
This site has been constructed using PHP. The content of the site is held in a server-side database to make it easier for us to keep the site accurate and up-to-date. There are some bits of advice below to help you to get the site to display correctly for you:

The site is best viewed using a CSS3-compliant browser, such as Google Chrome, and will look best if you set your Zoom level to 100% and text size to Medium.

The site should display fine on a Tablet or iPad, but is not yet fully optimised for use on a mobile phone. We are aiming to tweak the display of the site over the coming weeks to make it much more mobile-friendly.
Although the functionality of the site mainly relies on PHP, it's inevitable that extensive use is made of Javascript. If you disallow scripts such as Javascript to run, the site will not work properly for you.

You can check your Scripting settings in your browser options. By default they are normally set to permit scripts to run and are unlikely to be set to disallow scripting unless you've made a conscious decision to do so.
Registration & Cookies
You don't have to register or to sign in to use this site.

If you register on the site (not required) or make a booking, then we aim to place a small Cookie on your system that allows the site to recognise you when you return and sign you into the site automatically. This Cookie is not placed unless and until you register or make a booking.

On the Registration / Booking Forms, there is an option to disallow Cookies (and/or for the site not to sign you in automatically) but if you disallow our use of Cookies you will not be able to check up on the status of any booking you have made.

The full Cookies Policy can be found here
Your Privacy
We take your privacy and security seriously. Any details you provide when registering or making a booking are never visible to anyone else using the site (except Diana, of course) and we will never pass the details you provide onto any third parties.

If you make a booking, however, we need to be able to contact you, so we will need to have your name, postal address, email address and at least one phone number for you.

The full Privacy Policy can be viewed here
Problems??? Bug Reports???
Any kudos for the design of this site goes to Diana. Any faults in the programming and functionality of the site are 100% down to Oliver, though! Whilst we've spent a lot of effort to ensure that the site is looking good and working properly, we're not infallible and you may find something that is not working as you might expect or where you get an unexpected error message.

Please get in touch with Oliver if you find a problem with the site: