The Hot Tubs
There are two enviromentally-friendly hot tubs with pride of place at High Swinside. Though they are discreetly out of view of the cottages and of each other, they both have stunning 180 degree views over the whole valley - from the Grasmoor fells to the Scottish mountains in the north. The perfect place from which to watch the sun go down!

Spring-fed & wood-fired or solar powered...
Both tubs are spring-fed and wood-fired. This larger tub is also heated by off-peak electricity or solar power.

The smaller tub seats up to 6 guests while this larger tub seats up to 9 guests.

Please let Diana know when you book if you'd like to reserve a tub for all or part of your stay. The cost is 10 a night for 3 consecutive nights or longer - to make it worthwhile heating the water.
Great for hanging out together in the evening - rain or shine!
The tubs are popular with families and groups as a place to spend time together as the sun goes down. Folk still use the tubs if it's raining - like going swimming in the rain, only much warmer!
Some enjoy a barbecue by the hot tub
It's easy to set up the barbecue down there and enjoy the tub while it heats. There are benches for eating or a picnic table near, then it's back into the tub to enjoy the sun set! (Robes also supplied).
Or just take time out and soak in the view...
Soak your muscles after walking or biking, or just enjoy the view - it is pretty special....
Winter hot tub view of Whiteside
...even in winter when there might be frost or snow on the ground, and often snow on the fells as late as March. Wonderful winter Lakeland walking!