Dog Friendly
Well-behaved dogs and their responsible owners are very welcome at High Swinside - so that you can enjoy the same wonderful walks together instead of their having to stay in kennels and miss out on that precious holiday time.

I'm sure you will be sensitive to other guests staying at High Swinside and not allow your dogs to detract from their stay in any way. To make it easier for them to run free safely while still being under your control, there is an enclosed area of the garden where you can spend time with them off the lead without worrying about them exploring too far. This area is fenced and as secure as I can make it, with grass and trees, and lots of interesting sniffs to investigate. (Please do not let your dog off the lead elsewhere on the property as there might be free range hens near).
  • £15 per week for each dog
  • Please be considerate of other guests & keep your dog under your control at all times
  • Please pick up after them on High Swinside grounds and the surrounding area & lane
Well-behaved dogs welcome!
Depending on the size of your cottage you can have up to 2 well-behaved dogs to stay with you at High Swinside. There is a charge of £15 per dog per week in consideration of any extra cleaning. Please let me know beforehand if you would like to bring a dog/dogs.
Bring their favourite stuff!
To ensure that you, your dog, and the other High Swinside guests, have an enjoyable and stress free holiday, I recommend you bring all those items you know will keep him or her happy, under control, and furniture: - their usual bedding, toys, treats, bowls, towels, leads, waste pickup bags, and cage if they use one...

I'd be grateful if you can also make sure their worm and flea treatments are up to date. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more of any of this equipment or didn't have space to bring it all; there's plenty here in reserve.
Walking the dog...
There are wonderful short and long walks directly from the door - out onto the fell through the gate to the rear, or gently down the almost entirely enclosed footpath to Scales (see this photo of Andrew Locking's dog Bonnie on the High Swinside footpath). There are also 2 livestock free NT woodlands a short drive away if your dog is not good with sheep.

The excellent Wheatsheaf pub in Lorton is all day dog-friendly, offers a good menu and Jennings ales. You can reach the pub in a 35 mins walk that starts down the footpath. The Kirkstile Inn at Loweswater is dog-friendly until 6pm.

There is very good guidance for safe dog walking in the National Park at the Dog Walking Page
After their walk...
On the lawn below the bird feeders you will find a hose for washing down muddy paws - and more if needed - after your walks. For dog waste bags please use the green or orange wheelie bin opposite the dog run free area. Please do ask if you need more dog towels, bedding, or plastic bags - I've plenty!

This is 'Biscuit' after a particularly muddy day (not in the Lakes as it happens - but the photo was irresistible: surely a Chocolate Biscuit now!)

'Dogs Run Free' area of the garden
And this is Molly checking out the 'Dogs Run Free' area of the garden. It's wooded and enclosed by fencing, and allows dogs a safe space to explore off their lead without you worrying they might wander too far.

Molly - who knew this garden before the fence went up - is wondering where the heck it came from!